A company is lived...

The activities of the company as well as the market implementation of the technologies and the origin of todays shareholder structure started in the year 2000.

From the former private company resulted in 2003 today´s PURRATIO AG with at that time firstly 2 shareholders.

Presently about 80 shareholders keep 2.5 millions common shares.

The activity field of the company is concentrated mainly on the realization of three unique technologies:


The busniness fields in which the Purratio AG is active have an immense potential. The aforementioned technologies are world wide unique and offer the customers enormous benefits and cost savings. For the licensees "technology advance" means competition advantage and expansion possibilities and last but not least maximaziation of the profit as well as creation of safe existences and jobs.

The PURRATIO AG embodies development, production and marketing.

The developers are highly motivated, they do not have only a job - they live their mission. Production occurs under maximal quality standards and quality control. Business realization occurs with a consequence which brings the company best reputation and recognition.


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